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Bed Bugs

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More About Bedbugs

Residents of Portland should know that bedbugs are ectoparasites because they feed primarily on blood. Although they’ll feed on animals, they like human blood. They’re called bedbugs because they’re going to hide in your bed. Once they’ve found a way to sneak into your home, they’re going to take shelter in your mattress, furniture, and bed frame. When the lights go out and you go to sleep, the 3/16th-inch bugs will emerge and consume your blood.

Why Are Bedbugs Living In My Home?

Unfortunately, a handful of problems could lead to your home being infested with bedbugs. First and foremost, you have to realize that staying at a motel could be very risky. When you stay at a motel, you may encounter bedbugs. If so, the bugs may climb inside of your luggage or hide in your clothes. When you go back home, the bedbugs will go with you and they’ll infest your home. You can also pick up bedbugs when you travel on public transportation businesses.

Some homeowners experience infestations after purchasing used furniture and clothes. Bedbugs might be hiding on these items and you might bring them home with you. If you have a neighbor who is dealing with a bedbug infestation, those bedbugs may travel from your neighbor’s house to your house. You never know. Sadly, it is hard to prevent bedbugs from entering your home.

Health Risks Linked To Bedbugs

You’re likely worried about bedbugs making you sick. Is this possible? Are bedbugs dangerous? Can they make you sick? Although bedbugs can wreck your life, they’re not dangerous. When it comes to bedbugs, you have to worry about them destroying your home and making it impossible for you to sleep. A bite could create problems, but it likely won’t make you ill. The bedbug’s saliva may lead to an itchy, red welt though.

Eliminating Bedbugs From Your Property

Many homeowners will overlook a bedbug infestation because it isn’t easy to identify. Bedbugs can enter your home, find a hiding place, and remain undetected for many months. You’ll only identify the problem when the bedbug colony grows larger. Suffice to say, you need to spot the problem much sooner. To do that, you should contact us and ask about our bedbug canine inspections. Our specially trained dogs can find the bedbugs sooner. Then, we’ll work with you to find a way to fix the problem. We offer the following bedbug removal services.

Manual Removal Services

  • When It Is Suitable – Our company recommends manual bedbug services when treating rooms in your home.
  • What You Need To Do – Unfortunately, you’ll have to do a lot to prepare for this service. We’ll tell you how to prepare once you’ve called us.
  • Chemicals? – Although we can use chemicals for our manual services, we try not to when possible.

Heat Services

  • When It Is Suitable – We can use heat to eliminate large infestations in homes, offices, restaurants, and motels. Heat can eliminate all bedbugs, bedbug eggs, and bedbug larvae in the home.
  • What You Need To Do – You won’t need to prepare a lot to take advantage of our heat treatments.
  • Chemicals? – We normally eliminate bedbugs using heat without using chemicals. However, we might use Diatomaceous Earth too. Don’t worry though because this chemical is natural and safe.


  • When It Is Suitable – Fumigation is recommended for eliminating large infestations in massive structures. If you’re running a large motel and you have bedbugs, fumigation is great for you.
  • What You Need To Do – You must prepare for the exterminator’s arrival. In addition to that, you have to leave home for 24 hours or longer until we’ve finished.
  • Chemicals? – We have to use chemicals to eliminate bedbugs with fumigation. We use Vikane to get rid of them.

Eliminating Bedbug Infestations On My Own

Could you eliminate a bedbug infestation on your own? Although you could, we do not recommend risking it. The problem is that bedbug treatments are complex. If they’re not carried out correctly, you may miss a few bedbugs and the infestation will continue. Furthermore, pesticides are dangerous so you may end up harming yourself or your loved ones. We recommend staying away from DIY treatments and working with us. Allow us to remove the bedbugs from your Portland home because we’ll do so quickly and safely.

Is Your Bedbug Removal Service Safe?

We would never use unsafe products in your home. We refuse to use products that could make you sick. Instead, we’re going to use EPA-registered products to eliminate the bugs and keep you safe. We’ve worked hard to design comprehensive, effective, and safe bedbug services. Our exterminators train extensively to guarantee that they can fix your problem without causing serious risks.

The Cost Of Eliminating Bedbugs

How much will you pay to eliminate the bedbugs in your home? When working with us, the cost will be minimized. We want to make sure that all Portland residents can afford our bedbug removal services. When we use standard bedbug removal services, the price will depend on your home’s size. Contact us for a free quote. After we’ve checked your home, we can give you a bid price.

Preventing Bedbugs From Breaking Into your Home

Unfortunately, preventing bedbug infestations is not easy. There are things you can do. You’ll need to reduce the risks by being cautious when purchasing used furniture and clothing. Check the items carefully to ensure they do not contain bedbugs. When traveling, choose a motel carefully. When you return home, wash and dry the clothes on the hottest setting to eliminate bedbugs and prevent them from entering your home.

When Can Your Exterminator Get Rid Of My Bedbugs?

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