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Heat Treatment

Eliminating bedbugs won’t be easy unless you pick the right treatment method. You need to evaluate your options and find out which treatment method works best for you. Many consumers will decide that thermal heat treatments are best. You’ll find that this efficient treatment works exceptionally well for eliminating an entire bedbug infestation. Our company offers a handful of bedbug-related services, including inspections, prevention, and heat treatments.

By working with us, your problem will be dealt with promptly. What makes heat treatment a good option for you?

How We Eliminate Bedbugs With Heat

Our exterminator can eliminate the bedbugs in your home by using the power of heat. They’ll enter your home and use a powerful machine to slowly increase the temperature in the home. When the temperature climbs to 140-degrees or high, the bedbugs will die. Bedbugs cannot survive these temperatures. Heat offers several unique benefits. For starters, it is more efficient since the hot temperatures will penetrate the deepest of cracks and crevices.

As a result, it can kill bedbugs that are hiding in cracks, corners, and crevices. Many exterminators agree that heat is the most effective tool they have when it comes to eliminating bedbugs. As mentioned above, our exterminator will raise the home’s temperatures to 140-degree. Then, they’ll maintain this temperature for several hours. We recommend two hours or longer.

When we maintain these temperatures, the bedbugs, bedbug eggs, and bedbug larvae in your home will be eliminated. The only potential problem is that bedbugs may be able to use cracks to escape your home and the hot temperatures. However, you’ll take steps to make sure that this doesn’t happen.

Why We Like Heat Treatments

Our company argues that heat is one of the most effective treatments for bedbugs. Still, this method is not 100% effective. There is always a risk that the bedbugs are going to find a way to escape your home. If they can escape the home and the heat, they’ll survive. Then, they’ll be able to return to the home once the exterminator has left.

If the bedbugs get stuck in the home, they will die due to the extreme heat.

Perfecting Our Heat Treatments

Unfortunately, some exterminators do not offer comprehensive, effective heat treatments. They’re haphazard and do not properly monitor the home’s temperatures. You need to choose a better exterminator to guarantee results. Our qualified exterminator will monitor the temperatures in your home to ensure that they remain 140-degrees or higher for at least two hours. It is pertinent to maintain these temperatures to ensure that the bedbugs will be eliminated.

You May Need To Stay Away

Although the heat treatment process is relatively safe, it is best to be cautious. As a result, our exterminator will recommend staying away from your home until the procedure is complete. It might seem like an inconvenience, but heat treatments are quicker. You’ll have to stay away from your home longer when using pesticides to eliminate the bedbugs.

With our heat treatments, you can return to your home in a few hours. With the alternatives, you may need to stay away for several days. We don’t want to take any chances so we’re going to recommend that you stay out of the home until the process is finished. We argue that this is the best way to protect our clients. don’t worry because we’ll do the best we can to protect you and your loved ones.

We’ll contact you when the procedure has finished so you can return home. If you have any questions or comments, contact our local office. We’ll do our best to answer any questions you may. You can also contact us to schedule an appointment.

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