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Best Mattress Covers For Stopping Bed Bugs

Bedbugs are everywhere, so you cannot ignore the possibility that they’re going to target your home in the future. It is pertinent to take steps to keep them away from your home and bed. Using a mattress cover is an effective way to stop bedbugs from living in your mattress.

More About Bedbug Mattress Covers

If your mattress is not protected with a bedbug mattress cover, you’re leaving yourself exposed to future problems. You need to use a mattress cover so you can prevent bedbugs from taking shelter in your mattress which is one of their favorite hiding places. Installing a mattress protector is an effective way to eliminate some bedbugs and prevent others from finding a suitable hiding place. It is estimated that 90% of bedbugs in a home will live and on the mattress and box springs.

Suffice to say, protecting these items should be a top priority, and using a mattress cover is one way to do that. Using a bedbug mattress cover will trap bedbugs currently hiding in the mattress. Therefore, they won’t be able to escape and feed so they’ll starve to death. Furthermore, it will stop other bedbugs from accessing the mattress.

How Bedbug Mattress Protectors Work

Bedbug mattress protectors are large and removable. This sheet of fabric will tightly wrap around your mattress before it is fully secured with a zipper. Once zipped, the mattress protector will stop bedbugs from leaving your mattress. Furthermore, it blocks other bedbugs and prevents them from accessing eh mattress. Since the bedbugs trapped inside won’t be able to access food, they will perish. A bedbug mattress protector won’t stop an entire bedbug infestation but it will stop some of them. If you have bedbugs it would be a good idea to use a bedbug mattress protector to eradicate some of the bedbugs.

Picking A Reliable Mattress Cover

When choosing a mattress protector, you need to pick one that is going to provide satisfactory results. Some will and some will not. Use the tips below to choose a high-quality mattress cover.

Pick A Full Encasement

First and foremost, you need to pick a full encasement. Some mattress covers only cover a small portion of the mattress and these mattresses won’t work. Instead, you need a full encasement to bedbug-proof your mattress. The encasement should cover the full mattress.

Make Sure It Is Properly Sealed

Before choosing a mattress cover, make sure it is properly sealed. Some mattress covers are not durable, so they can be ripped and tore easily. Once this happens, the mattress cover won’t work because it’ll let bedbugs enter and escape. In addition to this, you need to worry about the zipper. The zipper needs to be secure and durable. If it breaks, the encasement will be useless. Choose a high-quality bedbug mattress cover with a reliable zipper. Once you’ve done that, you can guarantee that this combination will keep your mattress protected from bedbugs.

Make Sure It Has Been Tested

Choose a mattress cover that has been tested extensively. Doing so will put your mind at ease and guarantee that you’ve spent your money wisely. If it hasn’t been tested, it could be unreliable or dangerous. Don’t buy a mattress cover unless it has been lab-certified.

Don’t Buy Toxic Covers

Finally, make sure that your mattress cover is free of toxins. Although these chemicals may help eliminate bedbugs, they could be dangerous. It is best to stay away from mattress covers that contain chemicals.

How Effective Are Bedbug Mattress Encasements?

Are you worried that you’re going to throw your money away on a bedbug mattress encasement? As long as you purchase a high-quality, durable encasement, you won’t. These products are very reliable and helpful. They can help protect your mattress while keeping bedbugs out. If you buy a low-quality mattress encasement, it could develop rips, or the zipper may not work properly. As a result, it could allow bedbugs to access your mattress as they please.

If you buy a good encasement, it will keep bedbugs trapped inside and keep other bedbugs out. Although this is helpful, it is not going to stop all bedbugs. Bedbugs can hide elsewhere, including on your bed frame, in the carpet, and in your clothes. To effectively eliminate all bedbugs, it is pertinent to take advantage of other treatments. Contact an exterminator today to schedule an appointment.

They’ll help you tackle the problem while using highly reliable, safe solutions. Once you’ve done that, you can sleep soundly knowing the bugs are gone.

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