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How Does Your Exterminator Check For Bed Bugs?

Bed bugs are diligent, deceptive insects that need blood to survive. These insects breathe and live to victimize their hosts while they are sleeping. Many people have contributed their anxiety and depression to bed bugs after invading their homes and lives. In Portland, hundreds of bed bug infestations are reported each year. Many of these reports involve Portland’s tourist market. Motels, hotels, inns, bed & breakfasts, and apartment complexes, which are continuous under a bed bug attack.

The key to preventing bed bug infestations is population control, which is where professional pest control comes into play. Our pest management utilizes routine visual inspections to find where bed bugs are hiding. With the data collected from the inspection, we can develop a more precise treatment to ensure the maximum results.

We utilize cutting-edge technology, professional-grade pesticides, visual inspections, and traps to combat mild to moderate bed bug infestations. More severe infestations require a more complex pest control approach. In these cases, we pull out our cryonite, thermal heat, and steam treatments.

Our visual in-home inspections target common bed bug hiding places like mattresses, floorboards, baseboards, bed linen, carpet fibers, upholstery furniture, stuffed animals, and bed frames. These tiny parasites are notorious for their nocturnal behavior, feeding at night while their hosts are asleep.

If you are facing a bed bug infestation, keep our Portland extermination company in mind. We are here to step in whenever and wherever we are needed. Our extermination team has decades of experience under their belts. We never back down from a bed bug infestation. In fact, we are always prepared to step up to the plate when a Portland resident is in need of professional pest control.

Learn more about our pest control by contacting our local office. We will put you in touch with one of our bed bug experts. Call today to schedule your free in-home pest inspection.

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