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Box Elder Bugs

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Box Elder Bug – Characteristics And Behavior

The box elder bug is a member of the “overwintering pest” classification. The species measures around ½” in length with black wings that are outlined in red. Sap or juices from the cheery, maple, box elder, and ash trees make up the box elder diet.

Why Is My Home Under A Box Elder Attack?

The box elder bug species targets homes with vulnerabilities. While all homes are at threat, those with available access points are infiltrated. Beginning in the late fall season, box elder bugs begin to search for accessible homes. Cracks and crevices around windows, doors, plumbing pipes, and electrical wiring are examples of box elder bug access points.

Should I Be Concerned About My Pets With A Box Elder Bug Problem?

Box elder bugs do not transmit diseases to humans or animals. Experts believe this insect species is more of a nuisance than a health threat. Unlike some insect species like the cockroach and pantry pest, the box elder has not been linked to foodborne illnesses.

What Is The Most Effective Box Elder Bug Extermination Strategy?

There is no doubt, professional pest control is the most effective eradication strategy for all insect and rodent species. The other alternative, DIY pest control utilizes a standard, low-strength formula that may be effective in eradicating mild box elder bug cases.

Will DIY Pest Control Products Help Combat Box Elder Bug Infestations?

As mentioned previously, DIY pest control products are not suitable for all severity levels. In fact, these low-strength pesticide formulas are limited to minor box elder bug problems, not infestations. There are several factors – number of insects and level of damage – utilized to determine the severity of a box elder bug infestation. Moderate to severe infestations require a more serious pest control approach than the minor or mild case.

When Will The Exterminator Arrive At My Home To Perform The Pest Inspection?

In most cases, we can schedule a licensed exterminator to perform a pest inspection within 24 to 48 hours of the initial request. Do not hesitate to contact our local office to schedule your free visual box elder bug inspection at your earliest convenience.

Does Box Elder Bug Pesticides Pose A Health Risk To Children?

Not all pesticides contain chemicals that are believed to be toxic to the environment, humans, and animals. In fact, we have a limited selection of chemical-free pest control treatments – organic pesticides, thermal heat, steam, traps, and cryonite. These pest management options do not pose environmental or health risks.

What Can I Do To Protect My Home From A Repeat Box Elder Bug Infestation?

The first thing you can do is call our office to request a pest prevention consultation. During the consultation, the exterminator will provide you with a list of prevention strategies. We always recommend starting with vulnerable access points, sealing them closed with a waterproof sealant, such as caulk and silicone. The next step is to educate your family, friends, peers, and neighbors about the challenges of a box elder bug infestation.

If you need help along the way, do not hesitate to reach out to our local exterminators.

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