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Top Places Bed Bugs Hide

Bedbugs are unique pests that can create numerous problems for homeowners. They bite, and they will ruin the value of your home. Since they rarely grow over a quarter of an inch, they can hide anywhere. If they bite you, you’ll likely develop red welts. To find out more about the bedbugs in your home, you need to know where they’re hiding. Where can bedbugs hide in your home? You’ll find out below.

Where Bedbugs Hide In Your Home

Your Bed

First and foremost, you’ll have to check out your bed. Bedbugs prefer staying close to their favorite food source. As a result, they’re going to live in your bed so they can reach you quickly. When you go to sleep at night, your body will release heat and CO2, and that will attract the bedbugs. If you’re checking your home for bedbugs, you need to carefully check your mattress and box springs.

Bed Frames 

Once you’ve finished checking the mattress and box springs, check the rest of the bed. A bed frame is a great place for bedbugs to hide because it is reasonably close to you. Furthermore, bedbugs are brown, so they’ll blend in well with many bed frames. Grab a flashlight and check your bed frame for bedbugs.

Sheets & Pillowcases

When possible, bedbugs will hide in your pillowcases, bed sheets, and comforters. Bedbugs can hide in these things because they’re warm and close to the bug’s food source. You need to check your sheets carefully. Check every crack and crevices to see if bedbugs are hiding in your sheets.


Once you’ve finished with your bed, you need to turn your attention to your floor. There is a good chance that you have carpets or rugs. Well, carpets and rugs are great places for bedbugs to hide. Bedbugs are small enough to climb deep between the carpet’s fibers. Once they’ve done that, they can remain undetected for weeks or even months.


Bedbugs can also hide in the furniture placed in your home. They prefer upholstered furniture because it gives them plenty of safe hiding places. They can climb onto your couch before hiding in the couch’s cushions and pillows. Furthermore, some bedbugs will climb underneath the furniture. They’ll stay hidden at the bottom of the furniture because you likely don’t check there often. Although these are common bedbug hiding places, they’re not the only hiding places. Below, you’ll learn more about some of the odd places for bedbugs to hide.

Odd Bedbug Hiding Places

You’d likely check the aforementioned spots without reading this article. However, you may not check the following spots.

Your Luggage

After you’ve returned from a lengthy trip, you’ll throw your luggage to the ground without thinking about it. If you stayed at a motel, it could be a bad idea. You might’ve stayed in a bedbug-infested motel and bedbugs might’ve taken shelter in your luggage. You need to check your luggage after returning home. Make sure that it is free of bedbugs. Otherwise, they’ll leave the luggage and move elsewhere.

Decorations On Your Walls

You also need to look at the decorations on your walls because bedbugs could be hiding behind them. If you have paintings hanging on your walls, the frames could be an excellent hiding spot for the bugs. Pull the paintings from the walls and see if they’re clear of bedbugs.


If you have books around your bed, you may find bedbugs hiding in those books. Just remember that the book needs to have a gap between the spine and binding to be a suitable hiding place for bedbugs. Bugs are small enough to slip through this hole.

Desks And Nightstands

If you have a desk or nightstand next to your bed, it could be a hiding place for bedbugs. They’ll be able to hide in the small holes in the stand. Also, they’ll be able to hide in the drawers, under the doors, and in the screw holes.

Electronic Devices

Finally, you’ll find that bedbugs can hide in electronics. If you have a television or computer near your bed, these bugs will find a way to sneak inside of them. These devices tend to have small vent holes and bedbugs can use those to climb inside of the electronic. It helps that electronics are warm when they’re turned on. As a result, electronics will make a great hiding place for bedbugs. You should avoid hiding stuff under your bed. If you do, the bedbugs will climb inside of the boxes under your bed and stay there. If you’re going to store boxes under your bed, you need to make sure that the boxes are airtight and secure. If you’re worried about having bedbugs, contact us so we can inspect your home. We’ll discover the problem and take care of it quicker than our competitors.

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