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Portland Flea Control – What You Should Know!

The flea is what scientists refer to as a “parasitic insect,” meaning it survives on nourishment from other living creatures. In this case, the parasitic insect is the flea and the host is more often an animal than not. Fleas feed on blood from humans and animals, the latter the more preferred. Researchers have successfully identified over 2200 species of fleas. Unlike some insect species, the flea transmits diseases – plague and typhus – to humans through saliva during a bite.

Common Flea Sightings In Portland, Oregon – Cat Flea

The most common flea sighting in Oregon is Ctenocephalides felis, better known as cat flea. Contrary to belief, felines are not the only animal species under threat by the cat flea species. This is where a lot of owners go wrong, they automatically think their pets are safe because they do not belong to the feline lineage.

The flea grows up to 1/8” in length, three sets of very flexible legs, and flat body covered by a protective shell. The flat body allows the flea to maneuver between the hosts’ hair follicles. The amazing jumping capability allows for a quick escape from human fingers and canine and feline

The cat flea targets a broad range of mammals, including the raccoon, fox, deer, skunk, opossum, squirrel, and rodents.

Characteristics Of A Flea Bite In Portland

The flea bite is similar across the species. Every victim’s body reacts differently, but in most cases, the onset of symptoms is almost immediate. A pinpoint tip-sized spot is the first sign of a flea bite, followed by mild edema (swelling), and itchiness. Some victims report a pustule, a raised blister filled with fluid. These symptoms are the body’s way of fighting off what it believes to be a foreign substance.

The flea relentlessly attacks its victim with continuous bites, resulting in a moderate to severe allergic reaction, which can result in hair loss in some animals. The allergic reaction is an immune response to the flea’s saliva. If left untreated, flea-related allergic dermatitis will lead to severe hair loss and skin infection.

When dogs and cats are under a flea attack that involves hundreds of insects, it can result in blood loss. In severe infestations, vulnerable animals may lose their lives without human intervention.

Fleas have also been linked to tapeworm infection, a condition caused by the consumption of edibles contaminated with flea larvae and/or eggs. Flea-related tapeworm infections have been reported in both animals and humans.

What Steps Need To Be Taken To Prevent Flea Infestations In Homes With Pets?

The first step is to call in the experts. Our Portland extermination team is skilled in flea control and prevention. We will work with you to devise a prevention strategy targeting your home’s vulnerabilities, pet activities, and housekeeping measures. Other flea prevention tips include the following:

  • Pet adoption should be taken very seriously. Seek pet adoption guidance to ensure you have the resources to devote to a new pet
  • Develop an anti-flea treatment schedule utilizing over-the-counter medicine and shampoos
  • Develop a bi-weekly lawn maintenance schedule
  • Install “do not feed the wildlife” signs on the perimeter of your property’s
  • Install barriers around decks, porches, and shrubs to keep wildlife out
  • Routinely inspect and clean your pet’s living space
  • Develop a laundry schedule for your pet’s bedding
  • Vacuum your entire home, regardless of flooring type, to remove potential flea larvae and eggs

How To Combat A Flea Infestation With DIY Pest Control Measures?

While your home may be under a flea attack, it should not be contributed to your housekeeping. Fleas do not target homes just because they are messy. A doable cleaning schedule designed to target adult fleas, larvae, and eggs is a must. Utilize a vacuum cleaner to go around the baseboards and floorboards. Target pet-occupied areas and bedding.

Removing flea larvae and eggs will help contain the population. Immediately after vacuuming your home, carefully remove and seal the vacuum cleaner bag, and transport it to an outdoor trash bin.

Flea infestations are more common in the fall than any other season in Portland. If you believe your flea problem is an emergency, you can take advantage of our flea control services. We provide free in-home flea inspections and consultations by appointment only.

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