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What Scent Keep Bed Bugs Away?

Essential OilsAs bed bug cases continue to increase throughout the United States, Portland residents are gearing up to take on the challenge. There is no doubt, bed bugs are a diligent insect species. Nothing is off-limits when it comes to a blood meal. The best way and only to not become a bed bug victim is through deterrence. One bed bug deterrent that is gaining the attention of late is the essential oil. While not all essential oils have shown to be an effective bed bug deterrent, tea tree, lavender, and peppermint are very promising.

More research is needed to determine the effectiveness of essential oils as a bed bug deterrent. One specific study showed essential oils – paraffin and silicone oils – may have some impact on bed bugs. The study, conducted by researchers at the Department of Entomology, Rutgers University in New Brunswick, New Jersey, showed paraffin and silicone essential oils could be effective “green” insecticides.

What many people may not be aware of is the bed bug nymph generates a pheromone that deters the adult male from entering their space.

Essential oils are utilized to treat various health conditions, flavor food, and create a calming environment. We recommend conducting your own essential oil studies. And, do not forget to share your findings with friends, family, and other acquaintances.

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