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Understanding Arthropods

Portland residents are likely worried about spiders entering their homes, but few know anything about these arthropods. Spiders belong to the Araneae order and they have eight legs. They can have as many as eight eyes, but some have six. They are frightening because they have fangs and can inject their victims with dangerous venom. However, it is important to understand that not all 40,000 species of spiders are dangerous. Some are and others aren’t. All spiders will shoot silk from their abdomens and use this skill to develop complex webs

Once they’ve built webs, they can use them to capture prey before finishing them off. The spider’s behaviors will vary depending on the species you’re dealing with. Some spiders prefer being alone, but others can live in communal webs with 50,000 more spiders. When they’re forced to defend themselves in the wild, most spiders will survive for two years. However, they can last much longer when living in protected enclosures.

Male spiders are smaller than female spiders and they’re commonly found in homes. When a male spider is ready to breed, it will begin searching for female spiders. There is a chance that he’ll search your home for a mate. Remember that you must identify the spider species before finding out how to tackle the issue.

Understanding The True Danger Of Spiders

Most homeowners are worried that spiders are seriously dangerous. You’re likely scared that spiders are going to bite you and make you ill. Although many spiders are dangerous, most spider bites are harmless. Research has concluded that 99% of spider bites will be harmless. However, some consumers may experience a severe reaction when they’re bitten. For instance, the most serious symptoms include necrotic wounds and death. Again, spiders can inject venom into their victims and this is why they’re so dangerous.

Thankfully, most of the spider species found in Portland are not dangerous to humans. Still, you’ll want to avoid being bit because it will hurt.

Why Spiders Have Entered Your Home

Why have spiders decided to enter your home? What makes them target your home instead of your neighbors? Ultimately, spiders are opportunistic. If they can find a suitable nesting place in your home, they’ll enter it. If you have suitable nesting places outside of your home, spiders will likely enter your home as well. Also, there is a chance that male spiders are entering your home to look for female mates.

Eliminating Spiders – Do I Need A Professional?

When you’ve found spiders in your home, eradicating them should be your primary concern. You need to make sure that the spiders are removed so they won’t pose any health risks. First and foremost, you should step outside and check your yard. Does your yard have unwanted debris such as rock piles and woodpiles? Eliminate their nesting spots outside and they likely won’t enter your home. Another thing you’ll need to do is seal the cracks and holes around your home. Deal with any holes, cracks, and gaps on your home’s exterior walls to stop spiders from sneaking into your home.

Eliminating Spider Infestations Safely

Although you need to eliminate the spiders promptly, you don’t want to take any unnecessary risks. Doing so could make you ill, and you might create issues for your loved ones. Doing it on your own might work, but the risks are significantly higher. You’ll also need to worry about hiring an exterminator. Some aren’t interested in protecting you and only want to earn money. If this is something that concerns you, pick us. We strive to protect our clients while eliminating the spiders as humanely as possible.

We use EPA-registered and thoroughly tested products to eliminate the spiders swiftly. Our exterminators are knowledgeable so they can use these products as safely as possible. Work with us and protect your loved ones.

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Preventing Spiders From Entering Your Dwelling

Ultimately, one of the best ways to deal with spiders is by keeping them out of your home. Portland residents can use certain tips to keep them out. For instance, you need to reduce the spider population outside. If spiders live outside, they’ll spread around your property and inside of your home. Getting rid of their nests will encourage them to go elsewhere. Also, don’t forget to deal with debris in your front and backyard. Once you’ve done that, the spiders will have to travel elsewhere to find suitable nesting locations.

The Risks Of Brown Recluse Spiders In Portland

The majority of Portland residents have heard about brown recluse spiders. If you have, you’re likely worried that they’re going to create issues for you and your loved ones. These spiders are more dangerous than others so you can’t delay getting rid of them. However, some argue that these spiders aren’t too risky for Portland residents. Are they? Is this something that should keep you awake at night? Use the tips below to put your mind at ease.

  • Brown recluse spiders don’t show up in our area often.
  • They can travel in shipping containers so they might visit your home in a package.
  • They’re hardy and can survive in Portland.
  • It is rare for anyone to find brown recluse spiders outside in our area.
  • They rarely bite people and pets. They’re timid so they want to stay away from you too.
  • They generally don’t travel from one house to another.
  • You can find numerous products that can effectively eliminate brown recluse spiders.
  • It might not be a brown recluse spider. Instead, it could be a funnel weaver spider.

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